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About Us

IWM Publishing was a non trading media collective operation originally set up in 1997 by Frank McGroarty and Gordon Newlands.

Our original remit was to service all types of media and corporate organisations, through news coverage, exclusive pictures as public relation activities, Websites and Broadcasting.

As well as working in the print media, we combined our journalistic background with ever changing online technology, developing a number of successful web publications. Right at the top of that list was Hot Iron: Scottish American Football Webzine which ran from 1997 to 2005, covering all aspects of American Football in Scotland.

During its existence Hot Iron attracted an average of nine and a half thousand visitors a month, topping over 20,000 during the first season of the NFL returning to Wembley. 

Since then, we have continued to develop our web presence, working with voluntary organisations as well as developing our own websites.

Following the closing of the Hot Iron site Frank and Gordon developed their own news and features webzine Pics and Pieces which has since evolved into the publication Planet Ecosse.

In 2014, we moved into publishing e books for other authors and in 2015, focussed solely on our own electronic, paperback and audio titles under the banner of IWM Publishing.

IWM Publishing is not connected in any way with the operations of the Imperial War Museum. 

So, to avoid any confusion, it was decided that following the publication of the final instalment of our Butlins Ayr Book series, it was decided to embark on a rebranding exercise, which has resulted in our new publishing identity, Ecosse Publishing.

Our day-to-day operations, photography, video, broadcasting, electronic and book publishing will continue as usual, but now under the new banner, Ecosse Publishing

The website is currently undergoing a period of redevelopment during the coming days. 

In the meantime, keep checking back for any updates regarding our new operation and announcements regarding future projects